It’s not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are.

India is a country with one third of the population being young who are & will play a major role in transforming India economically and socially. We believe the essence of unique values to be in equilibrium along with imparting knowledge to these young guns and ourselves as the catalyst in process of nation building.

Here are the values that we stand for


One should love his country, patriotism at the top of values. Unlikely to the other values patriotism cannot be taught but definitely can be poised with ethics and goals.


Necessity is the mother of all innovations which elevates progress and growth of the nation. We have platforms where talents meet opportunity resulting innovation followed by success stories.


With patriotism and innovation it is equally important to sustain at the same time. We teach students uniformity in leadership and how it helps in decision making also to constantly motivate them becoming a change maker of tomorrow.


With great position comes huge responsibility, Leadership needs to be cultured and dignified. At DYP we respect each other from management to staff to students and stakeholders.


When all the above values come together with all the people around DYP it results in a great team. Together all these values makes an outstanding brand, institution, student, staff and management.