Inauguration of Simulation & Skills Centre of University at Dr. D. Y. Patil Medical College Hospital & Research Centre ,Kolhapur

Simulation & Skills Centre, much like a flight simulator for airline pilots, uses high fidelity manikins to teach healthcare students skills and evaluates their ability to manage real-life medical emergencies.

Here the students are given hands-on experience in controlled and simulated clinical conditions which reinforces the classroom learning.

The aim of this Centre is to impart competency based education and training to medical, nursing, physiotherapy students and staff. Post graduate students and faculty can learn and hone their advanced medical and surgical skills. The Simulation based method of training is more ethical and leads to better student satisfaction, evaluation, certification and hence improved patient care. These simulators can also be programmed to test the ability of a student to integrate assessment and diagnostic skills into decision making.

Our Centre will also provide training to outside medical practitioners, specialists, super specialists, nurses and community members.

D.Y. Patil Education Society (Deemed University) Simulation & Skills Centre, is a unique, one of the best and state of the art medical simulation facility. It is equipped with the latest versions of simulators.

The Simulation Centre is located next to Dr. D.Y. Patil Medical College Hospital & Research Centre, Kadamwadi, Kolhapur. This shall lead to a perfect blend of In Situ Simulation (hospital based simulation) along with medical college based simulation.

This spacious and fully airconditioned facility occupies 10,000 square feet and comes at an estimated expense of Rs. 14 crores.

It provides comprehensive learning areas and facilities ranging from the basic task trainers to full-scale human patient simulators which are complex, interactive, computer-based training units.


The Anatomy Table offers  an  opportunity to  learn  anatomy in  a  different  & unique manner. It provides three dimensional virtual dissection of the human body. It is also a powerful radiology workstation and a tool for surgical & pathological case reviews.

High Fidelity Simulators Mannequins closely mimic anatomy & hemodynamic physiology of a human body.

Our Centre houses a variety of High Fidelity Simulators like:

  • Neonatal simulator (Luna),
  • Adult simulator(Apollo) and
  • Maternal Fetal simulator (Lucina).
  • Diagnostic Ultrasound Simulator (Vimedix),
  • Interventional Ultrasound Simulator (Blue Phantoms)

These simulators can imitate clinical and medical conditions such as epilepsy, heart attack, shock, trauma, normal & difficult labour, post-partum haemorrhage, critical care, just to name a few . These mannequins respond to drugs, procedures (like intubation) and actual equipment (like defibrillator/ ventilator).

The Virtual Reality Simulators like:

  • Endoscopy Trainer
  • Laparoscopy Trainer
  • Gynecology Ultra  Sound & 2-D Echo Trainers
  • Blue Phantoms Trainers

allows  trainees  or surgeons to practice procedural skills to perform minimally invasive surgeries, including bronchoscopes, upper and lower gastrointestinal endoscopies, transthoracic ultra sound, echocardiography etc.

Availability, under one roof, of all these Trainers and Clinical And Procedural Skills Lab will further enhance the skill training.

  • Learning Space is a Simulation centre management software
  • Hololenses provide Augmented reality experience of the human body.
  • Two rooms with each having seating capacity of 30 students, is available for relay of scenarios, debriefing and discussions amongst students and Faculty.

 Trainers available:

  • High Fidelity Adult Simulation - Apollo
  • High Fidelity Birthing Simulation - Lucina
  • High Fidelity Neonatal Simulation - Luna
  • Diagnostic Ultrasound Simulation  for Cardiac / Abdo / Gynec- Vimedix
  • Interventional Ultrasound Simulation - Blue Phantoms
  • Laproscopy Surgical Simulation – LapVR
  • Endoscopy & Bronchoscopy Surgical Simulation – Endo VR