Health Care

The University recognizes the health needs of all stakeholders including members from community, employees and students. Towards promotion of health of our Employees and Students, the University effects various practices including cleanliness and hygiene, green ambience, hospital infection prevention & control, environment friendly practices, green energy, waste recycling etc.
Recognizing the need for instituting solidarity in health care, the University has adopted the following Health Policy:
1) The OPD registration is free to all Employees/Students.
2) Preventive strategies are to be promoted and employed to the maximum possible extent vis-à–vis health of students, patients and employees.
3) Diagnostic facilities are made available at concessional rates to students (70%) and employees (50%) as well as to patients on per need basis.
4) Health-care facilities will be available at concessional rates to students (70%) and employees (70%) as shown on hospital bills.
5) Guest lectures, invited talks and similar events are to be organized to improve the health of all stakeholders.
6) In addition to subsidized health care provided to patients, specific requirements of needy patients shall be addressed by competent authorities on a case-to –case basis.
7) Vulnerable population of patients shall be given due recognition and care keeping in mind their health needs.

“The first step in the evolution of ethics is a sense of solidarity with other human beings.”
-Albert Schweitzer