M. Sc. MEDICAL PHYSICS (Approved by Atomic Energy Regulatory Board, Mumbai)

Overview: On successful completion of M. Sc. Medical physics course, all students are required to undergo one year internship at AERB recognized institutes. This is a mandatory requirement for becoming qualified medical physicists and appearing in the RSO examination.

Eligibility: B.Sc. Physics with aggregate 60%.

Course Structure:

Semester‐I Paper I Paper‐II Paper‐III Paper‐IV
Mathematical Physics(MP101) Solid State Physics(MP102) Electronics And Instrumentation(MP 103) Classical And Quantum Mechanics(MP 104)
Paper‐V Paper‐VI Paper‐VII Paper‐VIII
Semester‐II Electrodynamics(MP201) Nuclear Physics(MP 202) Radiation Physics & Radiation(MP 203) Anatomy And Physiology(MP 204)
Paper‐IX Paper‐X Paper‐XI Paper‐XII
Semester‐III Radiation Detectors And Instrumentation(MP 301) Radiation Dosimetry And Standardization(MP 302) Clinical And Radiation Biology(MP 303) Medical Imaging(MP 304)
Paper‐XIII Paper‐XIV Paper‐XV Paper‐XVI
Semester‐IV Nuclear Medicine And Internal Dosimetry(MP 401) Radiation Therapy – Teletherapy(MP 302) Radiation Therapy- Brachytherapy(MP 303) Radiation Safety(MP 404)