Placement Details

Placement Details of College of Nuring
Sr. NoYearBatchStudentsAbroadCentral GovtD M E R GovtD H SCHOESISPrivateHigher education
12017M Sc14--114-8-
PB B Sc8--1----7-
B Sc N32---12--281
2017 Total54--226--431
22018M Sc1111--1-8-
PB B Sc91-1----52
B Sc N502---18-218
2018 Total70411-19-3410
32019M Sc8-----1-7-
PB B Sc8--2---6-
B Sc N431--111-301
2019 Total591-2112-431
42020M Sc15--1-3-11-
PB B Sc211--2--171
B Sc N50------455
2020 Total861-123-736
52021M Sc19------17-
PB B Sc30----2-253
B Sc N50-1--4-3210
2021 Total99-1-06-7413
62022M Sc15--0-0-13-
PB B Sc23----1-191
B Sc N81----7-722
2022 Total119----8-1043
72023M Sc10---1--9-
PB B Sc25--------24--
B Sc N78------661
2023 Total113---1--991
Placement Details of School of Hospitality