The D. Y. Patil Education Society (Deemed to be University) started its innovation programme “University Moral Guidance Scheme” for undergraduate students with the help of its faculty members in January-2008. The motive and importance of this scheme was conceived as follows:

            The University and its affiliated colleges should be students centric. The most important component of this system are the students. The University must ready the youths to be future pillars of the nation. The University is required to have best practices in order to overall progress of the students. A feeling of national integration must be developed. He/She must be socially responsible as well as demonstrate leadership and discipline for the betterment of the society and nation. He/she must possess good moral characters. Students must feel safe in the College/University. The University Moral Guidance Scheme will be the suitable and useful scheme in this direction


  1. To provide platform for individual one-on-one mentoring
  2. To monitor students’ all round progression effectively.
  3. To provide directions, guidance to students and identify need for professional counseling, if any.
  4. To develop an additional avenue student feedback for quality enhancement.
  5. To foster holistic personality development.
  6. To promote value-based education and inculcate social responsibilities and good citizenry amongst student community.
  7. To provide clear information to students about a completion requirements for all programmes and future admission.