Research Projects

Sr. No. Research Project Title  


Funding Agency Principal Investigator/Co-Investigator Outlay (Rs in lakhs)
1 “Medical Exposure to the population around proposed Nuclear Power Plant Site at Jaitapur, due to diagnostic applications” 2009 BRNS,

dt. 23.03.2009

Dr.R.J. Khyalappa

M.D. (Medicine)

Dr.Mrs. M.A.Burande

M.D. (Pharmacology)

2 “Studies on Establishment of Baseline Levels of Radiation & Radioactivity   and Assessment of Radiation Doses Due to Natural and Fallout Radioactivity Around JNPP up to A Distance Of 30 Km From Site” 2009 BRNS,

dt. 23.03.2009


M.Sc. Ph.D., FICC, FMASc

Dr.Mrs. P.N.Pawaskar

M.Sc., Ph.D.

3 “Baseline Survey on Epidemiological Aspects In Jaitapur Region” 2009 BRNS,

dt. 23.03.2009



Dr. V. R. Patkar


4 “Studies on Synthesis of CoFe2O4 magnetic nanoparticles using magnetotactic bacteria for biomedical applications” 2010 DST, New Delhi

dt. 16.11.2010


M.Sc. Ph.D., FICC, FMASc

Dr. Smt. S. J. Ghosh

M.Sc. Ph.D.

5 “Fabrication and performance studies of co-planar single chamber SmSrCoO3/BiCuVOx/Ni-SDC SOFC unit cell” 2011 DRDO, New Delhi

dt. 15.09.2011


M.Sc. Ph.D., FICC, FMASc

6 “Development of an electrochemical immunosensor using functionalized magnetic nanoparticles for detection of tumor markers” 2011 DST, New Delhi

dt. 10.10.2011

Prof. Dr. S. H. Pawar

M.Sc. Ph.D., FICC, FMASc

Dr. S. A. Murchite

M.S. (Surgery)

7 “Study of PU/PVDF Nanoscaffolds Loaded with Anti-Microbial Agents for Wound Dressing Application”


2012 UGC, New Delhi. 06.06.2012 Ms. Jagruti Meshram (RGNF) 10.44
8 “Studies on Synthesis of Mg-Mn Ferrite Nanoparticles by Chemical Route for Hyperthermia therapy applications”


2012 CSIR-SRF, New Delhi


Mr. Vishwajeet Khot 8.37
9 Investigating avenues of working together in the field of PG medical education Anglia Ruskin University, England Prof. S.H. Pawar 6.00
10 Scaling early childhood development through  AWC in India Grand challenges Canada gates foundation PI Dr Abhay Gaidhane ,CO PI  Dr S Z Quazi and Dr P B Behere 12.45
11 Tribal health and research Wild land conservation Trust, Mumbai PI Dr. S Z Quazi ,CO PI  Dr Abhay Gaidhane and Dr P B Behere 49.39
12 SPHERES Harvard University PI Dr Abhay Gaidhane , Co-PI  Dr S Z Quazi and Dr P B Behere 19.15
13 Rapid Diagnosis Neonated and Gynaec USAID through Harvard university PI Dr S Z Quazi  Co-PI Dr  Arpita Jaiswal  Dr Sachin Dhamke Dr P B Behere 26.96
14 Biological synthesis of selenium nanoparticles and evaluation of their antimicrobial activity


UGC –NET- JRF UGC, New Delhi Mr. Nayeem Mulla 18.942
15 Major Histocomptability class I chain antigen A and B Biomarker study for cancer 2014 DST, New Delhi Dr M.G.Joshi 37.00
16 MicroRNA profiling of human endometrium at tissue
and cellular level: Identifying the microRNA regime regulating stem cell proliferation and differentiation
in endometrial hyperplasia conditions
2015 DST, New Delhi Dr Indumati Somusundaram 20.25
17 Supercapacitor with rare earth metal sulfides/graphene hybrid thin films: fabrication and performance evaluation 2017 DST, New Delhi Prof C D Lokande 36.00
18 Solid lipid encapsulated magnetic nanoparticle based hyperthermia and dual drug theraphy for colon cancer 2017 DST, New Delhi Dr Arvind Gulbake 32.84
19 Freestanding 3D porous Graphene Foam (GF) electrodes decorated by Pseudocapacitive Materials (PCMs) for high energy and power density hybrid supercapacitors. 2017 DST

Inspire Faculty Fellow

Dr. U.M. Patil 108
20 Pillared Nanohybrids Based on 2D Inorganic Nanosheets for Highly Efficient and Stable Solar Assisted H2 Production. 2017 Ramanujan Fellowship, DST-SERB, New Delhi Dr. Jayavant L. Gunjakar 108
21 Development of new scaffolds for anticancer therapeutics. 2017 RGST Dr. Indumathi Somasundaram 4.8


Effect Of Allopurinol And Febuxstat On Diabetic Nephropathy In Laboratory Animal Model 2017 C V Raman Fellowship for Visiting Professor Dr M. Abdel, Egypt Dr M. Abdel, Egypt

Host: Dr. Mrs. M.A. Burande

23 Development of flexible asymmetric supercapacitor with energy density (15 Whkg-1) and power density (1,000Wkg-1). 2018 DST, New Delhi PI-Dr. C. D. Lokhande

Co-PI-Dr. U. M. Patil

Co-PI-Dr. Manisha Phadatare

24 Green supercapacitors for renewable energy storage – An international collaboration between Mid Sweden University, Sweden and D. Y. Patil Education Society (Deemed to be University), India. 2018 Swedish Foundation for International Cooperation in Research and Higher Education (STINT), Sweden PI- Dr. Manisha Phadatare

Co-PI- Prof. C. D. Lokhande

    Total Amount                                        Rs 773.082 Lakhs