Institutional Distinctiveness 2018-19

The vision of the University of “becoming a world class institution of higher learning in health sciences education, training and research” is further elaborated by the mission “to provide quality education and skill development in health sciences and other related areas for development of professional human resources”. Ongoing academic events in Universities are routine. The need to bring national and international expertise not only to students but also to extend the benefits and training to professionals in the region is the need of the hour. Continued Professional Development and lifelong learning are realities in a competitive world of fast changing technology and gargantuan knowledge expansion. CPDs ensure the required skills and knowledge to offer cutting edge services to patients, industry and the community at large. We present a model wherein the mantle for provider for CPDs should be donned by academic institutions and universities with the attention and focus that it mandates. It is proposed in this model that Universities genuinely become a seat of learning and not merely institutions of acquiring academic qualifications and awards. This need was acted upon by the IQAC in keeping with the Vision and Mission of the university. The modalities of ensuring the number, standards and quality of events were worked out. Aspects that could enhance content and outcomes of guest lectures, seminars, workshops and conferences were factored in. The model emphasized collaborations with professional bodies and associations as well as with industry. The academic year 2018: 2019 saw 128 academic events organised by university units and departments including 60 conferences, workshops and seminars. The university had meaningful collaborations in 38 events with 27 professional bodies or industries. University organised 4 international conferences and was host to 13 renowned international resource persons. The 25 National conferences, 16 State level proceedings and multitude of guest lectures conducted saw 112 distinguished professional experts from all over the country visited Kolhapur for academic deliberations and discussions as well as sharing of research experiences. This also saw lively and informative interaction of these experts with our faculty, students and professionals from the region and other parts of the country. In addition, local experts from different specialties were invited to address all invited stakeholders and our university students and faculty at different fora which included 44 guest lectures and 15 local seminars and workshops. To ensure the quality of the events, there was need to acquire external validation to the maximum extent possible. Award of credit points by the Maharashtra Medical Council was achieved in 25 events last year with a total of 57 Credit Points over the year. Also, of the speakers invited at the various academic feasts, 85 speakers were accredited speakers with the Maharashtra Medical Council. Our experience has given confidence to present this model as a viable and outcomebased model. It merges the objectives and purpose of different professionals and optimizes use of resources and facilities. The facilitation of acquiring updated knowledge and new skills can only benefit the patients and community.