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No identity required here as its DYP Group’s hometown one of the oldest civilizations of India.

Kolhapur’s cultural history is dated back to 17th Century. Situated at the banks of River Panchganga, Kolhapur is called as DAKSHIN KASHI. It hosts world’s tallest Lord Ganesh idol (85 feet) at Chinmaya Mission near top – Sambhapur.

Kolhapur is a major “education hub” of southern Maharashtra with quality engineering, medical colleges, international schools as well as a Pre-IAS training centre.

Pheta (Feta) i.e. Turban is a specialty in Kolhapur. Wearing a turban is high respect. It is a customary honor to guest who comes from other place is welcomed by offering him to wear the traditional turban.

Kolhapur is famous for spicy food, if you travel in Maharashtra Veg Kolhapuri is on every menu. Kolhapuri Misal ranks top of the charts with flavor of Tambra/Pandra Rassa as starter. Roasted Mutton” is a special variety of non-veg dish prepared extensively at Kolhapur.

Kolhapur is famous for wrestling and its wrestler commonly known as pehalwans. Lavani is a special type of presentation which comprises of Traditional Classical Dance and Typical Songs, can be termed as a folk dance of old Kolhapur.

Lakes, historical places, temples and museums make Kolhapur an attractive location for students and tourists as well.