Subject Code – Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

Program Code Exam Code Programme Name Course Name Sub/Course Code
13 1301 Pre. Ph.D. Research Methodology – I 130101
Research Methodology – II 130102
Paper III (Elective)  Hospital Waste Disposal Management 130103
Paper III (Elective) Stem Cells and Regenerative 130104
Paper III (Elective) Advances in Physiology 130105
Paper III (Elective) Basic Environmental Studies 130106
Paper III (Elective) Advances in Microbiology 130107
Paper III (Elective) Topic in Biochemistry 130108
Paper III (Elective) Topic in DNA Nanobiosensor 130109
Paper III (Elective) Nanotechnology for Hospital Waste Treatment 130110
Paper III (Elective) Advances in Medical Science 130111
Paper III (Elective) Advance in Pharmacology 130112
Paper III (Elective) Advances in Anatomy 130113
Paper III (Elective) Pharmaceutical Sciences Advance Pharmaceutics 130114
Paper III (Elective) Advanced Topics in Radiation Therapy 130115
Paper III (Elective) Deposition of Films and Their Applications 130116
Paper III (Elective) Advances in Psychiatry 130117
Paper III (Elective) Advances in Physiotherapy 130118