Special Sense Organ Ear E-Module

 E- Module for Special Sense Organ Ear

                                                    MBBS  E-Lectures
Sr. No. Department Name of Faculty  Topic
1 Physiology Dr. Prafulla Turerao Vestibular Apparatus-I
2 Physiology Dr. Sunita Tiwale Auditory Area
3 Physiology Dr. Amruta Kumbhar Internal Ear
4 Physiology Dr. Sunita Tiwale Physical Properties of Sound
5 ENT Dr. B. C. Patil Types of Hearing Loss
6 ENT Dr. B.C. Patil Otorrhea
7 ENT Dr. B.C. Patil Differential Diagnosis of Hearing Loss
8 ENT Dr. B.C. Patil Chronic Suppurative Otitis Media
9 ENT Dr. B.C. Patil Otosclerosis
10 ENT Dr. B.C. Patil Meniere’s  Disease
11 ENT Dr. B. C. Patil External Ear Diseases
12 ENT Dr. Rajashri Mane Audiology
13 ENT Dr. Ganesh Tarlekar Deaf Child