M.Sc. in applied Physics (Medical)

Overview: Master’s Program in Applied Physics (Medical) will provide students to understand the current concepts and prospect of world of Medical Instrumentation for diagnosis, Nanoscience with hands-on experience for treatment of various diseases.

Eligibility: Graduation in Physics

Course Structure

Paper I Paper II Paper III Paper IV
Semester I Mathematical Physics (MAP101)(Compulsory) Solid State Physics (MAP102)(Compulsory) Electronics And Instrumentation (MAP103)(Compulsory) Classical And Quantum Mechanics (MAP104)(Compulsory)
  Paper V Paper VI Paper VII Paper VIII
Semester II Electrodynamics (MAP201)(Compulsory) Nuclear Physics (MAP202)(Compulsory) Radiation Physics & Radiation Generators (MAP203)(Compulsory) Anatomy And Physiology (MAP204)(Compulsory)
  Paper IX Paper X Paper XI Paper XII Elective
Semester III Thermodynamic and Statistical Mechanics (MAP301)(Compulsory) Experimental Techniques (MAP302)(Compulsory) Nanoscience and Nanobiotechnology (MAP303) (Compulsory) Biomedical Instrumentation (MAP304A)Or

Radiation Detectors And Instrumentation


  Paper XIII Paper XIV Paper XV Paper XVI Elective
Semester IV Atomic and Molecular Physics (MAP401)(Compulsory) Materials for Implant Applications (MAP402)(Compulsory) Bio-materials and Biosensors (MAP403)(Compulsory) Medical and Optical Imaging Techniques (MAP404A)Or

Radiation Safety (MAP404B)