Exam Time Table – Program of the M.Sc. Medical Physics Sem.- I & III Fresh & II Supplementary (Winter) Examination to be held in December – 2022.

  1. Candidates are requested to be present at their respective place of Examination TWENTY MINUTES before the time of setting of each paper.
  2. They are forbidden to take any book or paper in to examination hall.
  3. Cellular phone, Scientific Calculator, Pager & Digital Diary or any other means, are not allowed in the examination hall
  4. Student should verify the time table on his/her Hall ticket with final program at least two day’s prior to the date of examination.
  5. The written examination will be held at D.Y. PATIL MEDICAL COLLEGE, KOLHAPUR.




Day & Date Semester I Semester III
10.00 am to 01.00 pm 10.00 am to 01.00 pm
Fri. 09.12.2022 Paper – I Mathematical Physics
Mon. 12.12.2022 Paper – I Radiation Detectors and Instrumentation
Tue. 13.12.2022 Paper – II  Solid State Physics
Wed. 14.12.2022 Paper – II Radiation Dosimetry & Standardization
Thu. 15.12.2022 Paper – III Electronics and Instrumentation
Fri. 16.12.2022 Paper – III Clinical and Radiation Biology
Sat. 17.12.2022 Paper – IV Classical and Quantum Mechanics
Mon. 19.12.2022 Paper – IV Medical Imaging


Day & Date Semester II
10.00 am to 01.00 pm
Thu. 01.12.2022 Paper – I Electrodynamics
Sat. 03.12.2022 Paper – II Nuclear Physics
Mon. 05.12.2022 Paper – III Radiation Physics & Radiation Generators
Wed. 07.12.2022 Paper – IV Anatomy and Physiology



Practical Day & Date Semester – I Day & Date Semester – III
(P.1 & P.2) Tue. 22.12.2022 Mathematical Physics  & Solid State Physics Mon. 26.12.2022 Radiation Detectors and Instrumentation, Radiation Dosimetry & Standardization
(P.3 & P.4) Fri. 23.12.2022 Electronics and Instrumentation & Classical and Quantum Mechanics Tue. 27.12.2022 Clinical and Radiation Biology, Medical Imaging


Controller of Examinations