Department of Physiology had organized a online guest lecture on the topic “Online Teaching and Mental Health”.

We the teaching faculty are continuing this teaching learning process through onling teaching during this Covid 19 pandemic. It was observed that many students are coming up with various challenges during this online teaching like unclear concepts, exam stress, depression etc. So, to get the solution, to motivate and to encourage the students to continue their studies with good mindset, dept. of Physiology had organized a online guest lecture on the topic “Online Teaching and Mental Health”. The lecture was delivered by Guest Speaker Dr.Jabeen Basade, who is motivational speaker and a Life Coach from Mumbai. Speaker was introduced to the audience by HOD Dr. Padmaja Desai.

Ist year M.B.B.S students and the Faculty members attended the lecture. Out of 150 students 120 students were present. It was very interactive session. Speaker highlighted the concept of learning and relearning, management of emotional up – downs, how to cope up with the stress and discussed various issues regarding studies. Lecture was appreciated by everyone. At the end Feedback was taken from the students. Forms were analyzed and it showed following results.


Sr. No Particular Extremely Good








1 How was the overall organization of the


70.1 29.1 0.9
2 How relevant was the content discussed

by the speaker?

70.1 29.1 0.9
3 Are you satisfied with the time & venue 53 41.9 5.1
4 How much interesting this session was for


60.7 38.5 0.9
5 How was your preparation about the

topic before the guest lecture?

41.9 36.8 19.7 1.7
6 Did the lecture cover what you were


58.1 41 0.9
7 What is your opinion about the speaker? 72.6 26.5 0.9
8 How much this session was useful from

the knowledge & information point of view

66.7 31.6 0.9 0.9
9 Overall effectiveness of the lecture? 65 33.3 1.7
10 Speaker was able to explain the topic

clearly & used relevant examples?

61.9 37.3 0.8
11 Mention key learning from the lecture. 65.3 33.1 1.7

Analysis reveals that 70% of students appreciated the topic and the content as extremely good 72% students marked extremely good opinion about the Speaker

The session was concluded by giving vote of thanks by Dr. Mrs. A. N. Kumbhar. Thanks & regards,

  • (Dr.Mrs.P.R.Desai)
  • Professor & Head Dept. of Physiology