6th Patent has been granted for an invention entitled “A Method for Producing Polyoxovandate Intercalated Layered Copper Hydroxide Compound”

Researchers from the Center for Interdisciplinary Research at D. Y. Patil University (Institution to be deemed) have approved a patent filed with the Patent Authority of India under the Ramanujan Fellowship. This is the sixth patent received by the university for the method of formulation of polyoxovanated intercalated layered copper hydroxide compound.

Dr. J. L. Gunjkar (Ramanujan Fellow) and Proff. Dr. C. D. The research was done under the guidance of Lokhande (Research Doctor) and on May 21, 2018, the researchers applied for a patent. The patent was awarded by the researchers on June 23, 2022, after 4 years of continuous efforts related to various tests.

This researcher, Chief Researcher Dr. J. L. Gunjkar, Research Director Dr. C. D. Lokhande, research student Shrikant Sadavar and Dr. Navnath Padalkar and Registrar Dr. Bhosle was present at the scene. For patent fulfillment, all researcher Chancellor Dr. Sanjay. Patil, Minister's colleague Satej D. Patil, Patil, Trustee Patil Rituraj Patil, Trustee Prithviraj Patil, Vice Chancellor Dr. Congratulations by Rakesh Kumar Mudgal.