17th Foundation Day Celebration

17th Foundation Day:-

Speaking from the chair, Chancellor Dr. Sanjay D Patil said that in 17 years, the university has taken the highest jump (Garuda Bharari). Employees have a notable contribution to this. Doctors who have graduated from this medical college are serving society well today.

An 18-storied medical college building for medical college will be constructed on the premises of Dr. D.Y. Patil Hospital at Kadamwadi and this project has recently received permission from the Municipal Corporation. Dr. Sanjay Patil said that his efforts are to complete this project as soon as possible. D.Y. Patil family has always maintained social commitment and many poor patients are being treated free of charge through D.Y. Patil Medical Hospital.</p

Free or discounted education is being provided to many students through Group. Henceforth, Dr. Sanjay Patil announced the launch of the “Ms. Shantadevi D Patil Merit Scholarship” in all institutes. There are 58 courses running in various colleges of the group and students with the highest marks in all branches except medical will be provided free education under this scholarship. Dr. Sanjay Patil announced that it will be started from this year and an expert committee will be formed for the execution of the same.

The chief guest of the program was Pro Vice-Chancellor of Shivaji University Dr. P. S. Patil said that the progress of the university is a matter of pride. The service rendered by Dr. D.Y. Patil Hospital to the patients during the difficult times of Corona is highly appreciated. He said that several professors and staff of Shivaji University were infected with Corona, and these employees were treated well at D. Y. Patil Hospital.

🔴 It is necessary to transform research into technology: Dr. P.S. Patil

The research field, academic work, and social work done for students through D.Y. Patil University is remarkable. Translating research into technology is challenging in the current era. It is necessary to create a system for this and everyone should do this work together. He also expressed his belief that Shivaji University and D. Y. Patil University will work together for the good course that needs to be done in the field of education.

🟣 On this occasion, the Vice-Chancellor of the University Dr. R. K. Mudgal gave an overview of the University’s work.

🔴 Lifetime Achievement of Shri R M Mohite

Dr. D.Y. Patil’s Lifetime Achievement Award was given on the occasion of the anniversary to senior entrepreneur R. M Mohite. The award was presented by Chancellor Dr. Sanjay D. Patil at Mohite’s residence.

🟣 Praise for excellent work

17 officers, faculty non-teaching staff, and 51 students who achieved academic and competitive success were honored on this occasion.

  • Dr. D. Y. Patil Best Administrator Award
    • Arun Pawar – Controller of Examinations
  • Best Teacher Award
    • Dr. Bipin Tiwale,
    • Dr. Anjali Wagh,
    • Dr. Vasudha Nikam,
    • Dr. Balasaheb Patil,
  • Sou. Shantadevi D. Patil Adarsh Librarian Award
    • B. C. Patil
    • Mrs. Aparna Shedge,
  • Best Staff Award
    • Padmaraj Patil,
    • Sujata Patil
    • Pandurang Kadurkar
  • Adarsh Sevak Award
    • Pandit Patil,
    • Sadashiv Pawar,
    • Anil Bharne
    • Namdev Landge,
    • Manoj Shinde,
    • Subhash Jadhav

15 meritorious students from various colleges and 36 students who achieved success in various competitions were honored with certificates.

On this occasion Mr. Meghraj Kakade, Mr. Devraj Patil, Executive Director Dr. A. K. Gupta, D. Y. Patil Agriculture and Technology University Talsande Vice-Chancellor Dr. K. Prathapan, Finance Officer Sridhar Swamy, Controller of Examinations Arun Pawar, Dr. Abhay Joshi, Principal Javed Sagar, Principal Rudhir Bardeskar, Dr. R. S. Patil, Principal Suchitrarani Rathod, CHRO Srilekha Satam, Adv. Ravi Shiralkar, Dilip Mohite, Shivaji Mohite, Annasaheb Mohite, and their families along with members of the university authorities board and dignitaries from the education sector were present.

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