List of Research Papers Published In Academic Year 2020-2021

Sr. No PubMed ID Publication Type Publication Title Author-name Journal-name Year
1 32645899 Journal Article Pleurotus sajor-caju- mediated synthesis of silver and gold nanoparticles active against colon cancer cell lines: A new era of herbonanoceutics V. K. Chaturvedi,
N. Yadav,
N. K. Raj,
R. A. Bohara,
I. F. Rehan,
N. Marraiki,
Gaber El- Saber Batiha,
Hehel F. Hetta,
M. P. Singh,
Molecules July 2020;25(13):1-20
2 33455290 Journal Article Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic Evaluation of Resveratrol Loaded Cationic Liposomes for Targeting Hepatocellular Carcinoma S. Jagwani,
S. Jalalpure,
D. Dhamecha,
K. Jadhav,
R. A. Bohara
ACS Biomaterials Science and Engineering July 2020;6:4969-4984
3 32667845 Journal Article Nanoparticles impact in biomedical waste management P. M. Patil,
R. A. Bohara
Waste Management and Research July 2020;38(11):1-15
4 10.22159/ijap.2020.v12s4.40100 Journal Article Phytochemicals as potential inhibitors of lanosterol 14 A- Demethylase (CYP51) enzyme: An in Silico study on sixty molecules A.K. Jadhav,
P. K. Khan,
S. M. Karuppayil
International Journal of Applied Pharmaceuticals July 2020;12(4):19-30
5 975-7058 Journal Article Treatment of Gingival procession defect using mesenchymal stem cells cultured PCL based bone regenerating scaffold : A randomized controlled clinical study S. Kashte,
A. Dwivedi,
S. Gautam,
R. K. Sharma,
S. Kadam
International Journal of Applied Pharmaceuticals July 2020;12(4):31-33
6 10.46670/JSST.2020.29.4.215 Journal Article MnCo2S4/CoS2 electrode for ultrahigh areal capacitance  R.B. Pujari,
C. D. Lokhande,
Journal of Sensor Science and Technology July 2020;29(4):215-219
7 10.22159/ijap.2020.v12s4.40098 Journal Article A review on current scenario of oral cancer in India with special emphasis on modern detection systems and biomarkers  J. Kshersagar,
P. Bedge,
R. Jagdale,
Y. Toro,                  S. Sharma,
M. G. Joshi,
International Journal of Applied Pharmaceutics July 2020;12(4):1-10
8 10.22159/ijap.2020.v12s4.40099 Journal Article Tailoring nanoparticles surface for efficient cancer therapeutics delivery  A. Chauhan,           R. Ranjan,                    P. Avti,                   A. Gulbake International Journal of Applied Pharmaceutics July 2020;12(4):11-17
9 10.1016/j.jallcom.2020.154768 Journal Article Influence of deposition temperature on the structural, morphological, optical and photoelectrochemical properties of CBD deposited Cu2SnS3 thin films H. D. Shelke,
A. C. Lokhande,
J. H. Kim,
C. D. Lokhande
Journal of Alloys and Compounds August 2020;831:154768
10 32780299 Journal Article Mesenchymal stem cells and exosome therapy for COVID-19: current status and future perspective A. Gupta,
S. Kashte,
M. Gupta,
H.C. Rodriguez,
S. S. Gautam,
S. Kadam,
Human Cell August 2020;33(4):907-918
11 10.1007/s13562-020-00584-7 Journal Article Low density polyethylene films incorporated with Biosynthesised silver nanoparticles using Moringa oleifera plant extract for antimicrobial, food packaging, and photocatalytic degradation applications S. S. Chougule,
S. T. Gurme,
J. P. Jadhav,
T. D. Dongale,
A. Pandey Tiwari,
Journal of Plant Biochemistry and Biotechnology, Aug-20
12 10.4103/fjs.fjs_95_19 Journal Article Pantaloon hernia with two sliding components: The appendix-ascending colon in lateral sac and the urinary bladder in medial sac A. M. Kadiyal,
T. Gowtham,
M. N. Ghatage,
R. K. Singh,
V. Thimmegowda
Formosan Journal of Surgery August 2020;53(4):148-151
13 32814099 Journal Article Silk fibroin and silk-based biomaterial derivatives for ideal wound dressings P. P. Patil,
M. R. Reagan,
R. A. Bohara,
International Journal of Biology Macromolecules August 2020;
14 10.31782/IJCRR.2020.12153 Journal Article Antibiogram of gram-negative bacilli (GNB) isolated from urinary tract infection (UTI)-with a special reference to detection of amp C ß-lactamase producing gram-negative bacilli causing UTI A. S. Jog International Journal of Current Research and Review August 2020;12(15):48-54
15 10.1016/j.optmat.2020.110333 Journal Article Organic dye-sensitized f-MWCNTs-TiO2 composite for optically controlled resistive switching memory applications S.T. Killedar, N.A. Ahir, P.J. Morankar,
A. P. Tiwari, P.B. Patil, T.D. Dongale, D.K. Kim
Optical Materials August 2020;109:110333
16 33083576 Journal Article Rapid eco-friendly synthesis, characterization, and cytotoxic study of trimetallic stable nanomedicine: A potential material for biomedical applications V.K. Chaturvedi,
S.N. Rai,
N. Tabassum,
N. Yadav,
V. Singh,
R. A. Bohara,
M.P. Singh
Biochemistry and Biophysics Reports August 2020;24:100812
17 10.1002/masy.201900172 Journal Article Bas Taurus urine assited biosynthesis of CuO nanomaterials: A new paradigm of antimicrobial and antineoplastic therapy M. N. Padvi,
N. G. Hiremath,
S. D. Prasad,
A. K. Nayak,
R. A. Bohara,
Y. Attar,
A. A. Ramteke,
P. Sarvalkar
Macromolecular Symposia August 2020;392(1):1900172
18 10.22159/ijap.2020.v12s4.40103 Journal Article Medicinal mushroom bioactives : Potential sources for anti-cancer drug development K. K. Janardhanan,
S. R. Korattuvalapil,
S. M. Karuppayil
International Journal of Applied Pharmaceutics August 2020;12(4):40-45
19 10.22159/ijap.2020.v12s4.40104 Journal Article In  laboratory generation and maturation of human monocyte-derived dendritic cells for cancer immunotherapy  K. K. Mishra,                S. Bharadva,            M. G. Joshi,           A. Gulbake International Journal of Applied Pharmaceutics August 2020;12(4):46-52
20 10.1016/j.placenta.2020.07.033 Journal Article Antiviral properties of placental growth factors: A novel therapeutic approach for COVID-19 treatment M. G. Joshi,
J. Kshersagar,
S. R. Desai,
S. Sharma,
Placenta, September 2020;99:117-130
21 IJRAR19S1680 Journal Article Sex determination from hand dimensions in Kolhapur population A. S. Karmalkar, V. R. Nikam, International Journal of Research and Analytical Reviews September 2020;7(3):454-459
22 10.1016/j.synthmet.2020.116446 Journal Article Single-pot hydrothermal synthesis of manganese phosphate microrods as a cathode material for highly stable flexible solid-state symmetric supercapacitors P. K. Katkar,
S. J. Marje,
S. S. Pujari,
S. A. Khalate,
P. R. Deshmukh,
U. M. Patil,
Synthetic Metals September 2020;267:116446
23 10.1016/j.ijscr.2020.09.142 Journal Article Leiomyoma of esophagus-A case report G. Thakut, S. A. Murchite,  R. M. Kulkarni,
V. V. Gaikwad
International Journal of Surgery Case Reports September 2020;76:285-287
24 349137911 Journal Article Correlative study of evans score and BIS monitoring to assess the depth of anesthesia during general anesthesia S. Adda,                 K. R. Kulkarni International Journal of Medical Science and Current Research September-October 2020;3(5):512-519
25 10.1016/j.cej.2020.126993 Journal Article Amorphous cobalt-manganese sulfide electrode for efficient water oxidation: Meeting the fundamental requirements of an electrocatalyst  S. B. Kale,                 A. Bhardwaj,           V. C. Lokhande, Dong-Min-Lee, Soon-Hyung-Kang, Jin-Hyeok-Kim,        C. D. Lokhande Chemical Engineering Journal September 2020:405:1-12
26 10.2174/2589645802014010108 Journal Article Comparison of ropivacaine-fentanyl with bupivacaine-fentanyl for labour epidural analgesia  K. R. Kulkarni,
R. Patil
The Open Anesthesia Journal October 2020;14:108-114
27 10.1007/s10934-020-01000-0 Journal Article Highly sensitive hydrothermally prepared nickel phosphate electrocatalyst as non-enzymatic glucose sensing electrode S. S. Pujari,
S. A.  Kadam.,
Y-Ron Ma,
S. A. Khalate,
P. K. Katkar,
S. J. Marje,
U. M. Patil
Journal of Porous Materials Oct-20
28 Journal Article Dosimetric characteristic of VMAT plans with respect to a different increment of gantry angle size for Ca cervix Munirathinam N.,
P. N. Pawaskar,
A. Chairmadurai
Journal of Radiotherapy in Practice October 2020;
29 10.30919/es8d1126 Journal Article Chemically deposited CulnSe2 thin films and their photovoltaic properties: A Review  B. M. Palve
C. V. Jagtap,
V. S. Kadam,
C. D. Lokhande,
H. M. Pathan
Engineered Science October 2020;12:52-78
30 Journal Article To study the clinical outcome in distal humerus fractures with orthogonal plating via the olecranon osteotomy approach  A. Gowaikar,
R. Patil,
S. Mehta,
V. M. Bhosale,
A. S. Anchalia,
Y. P. Oza
International Journal of Orthopedics Science October 2020;6(4):85-89
31 10.1016/j.cej.2020.125711 Journal Article Chalcopyrite based carbon composite electrodes for high performance symmetric supercapacitor A. C. Lokhande,
S. Teotia,
A. R. Shelke,
T. Hussain,
I. A. Qattan,
V. C. Lokhande,
S. Patole,
J. H. Kim,
C. D. Lokhande
Chemical Engineering Journal November 2020;399:152711
32 10.1016/j.mseb.2020.114641 Journal Article Effect of phosphate (anion) precursor on structural and morphology behavior of nickel phosphate thin films and its supercapacitive performance S. Marje,
P. K. Katkar,
S. S. Pujari,
S. A. Khalate,
P. R. Deshmukh,
U. M. Patil
Materials Science & Engineering B, November 261:114641
33 32758569 Journal Article In silico molecular docking analysis for repurposing therapeutics against multiple proteins from SARS-CoV-2 R. R. Deshpande,
A. Pandey Tiwari, N. Nyayanit,
M. Modak
European Journal of Pharmacology November 2020;886:173430
34 Journal Article Factors influencing consumer decision making in virtual shopping malls V. Tyagi,
R. K. Mudgal,
V. Dhingra
PalArch’s Journal of Archaeology of Egypt/Egyptology November 2020;17(6):14059-14075
35 10.1016/j.jallcom.2020.157829 Journal Article A high performance flexible solid-state asymmetric supercapaictor based on composite of reduced grapheme Oxide@ Dysprosium sulfide nanosheets and manganese oxide nanospheres P. P. Bagwade,
D. B. Malavekar,
T. T. Ghogare,
S. B. Ubale,
V. J. Mane,
R. N. Bulakhe,
I. In,
C. D.  Lokhande
Journal of Alloys and Compounds Nov-20
36 10.1007/s11664-020-08605-w Journal Article Vertically Aligned Nanosheets of an Electrodeposited Lanthanum Oxide Electrode for Non-Enzymatic Glucose Sensing Application S. B. Jadhav,
U. M. Patil,
R. N. Bulakhe,
I. In,
C. D. Lokhande,
P. N. Pawaskar
Journal of Electronic Materials November 2020;
37 10.1080/21501203.2020.1837976 Journal Article Dual identities for various alcohols in two different yeasts N. M. Chauhan,       S. M. Karuppayil Mycology December 2020;
38 33519949 Journal Article Potential immune-nanomedicine strategies to fight COVID-19 like pulmonary infections S. Reddy Bonam,
N.G. Kotla,
R.A. Bohara,
Y. Rochev,
T. J. Webster,
J. Bayry,
Nano Today February 2021;36:101051
39 10.1021/acs.jpcc.0c08454 Journal Article Chemically synthesized Cu3Se2 film based flexible solid-state symmetric supercapacitor: Effect of reaction bath temperature D. B. Malavekar, S. B. Kale, V. C. Lokhande, U. M. Patil, J. H. Kim , C. D. Lokhande, The Journal of Physical Chemistry C December 2020;124(52) : 28395-28406
40 10.36106/ijsr Journal Article The effectiveness of aerobic exercise on  obese and overweight children:  quasi experimental study R. R. Jadhav,
S. Patil
International Journal of Scientific Research December 2020;9(12):4-6
41 10.36106/ijsr Journal Article Quality of life and coping strategies among care takers of mentally challenged children: A descriptive study A. Pawar, S. Awate, International Journal of Scientific Research December 2020;9(12):1-3
42 10.1007/s10854-020-04607-w Journal Article Nanostructured CdO-ZnO composite thin films for sensing application  A. K. Sharma,  S. S. Potdar,
K. S. Pakhare,
U. M. Patil,           V. S. Patil,
M. C. Naik
Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics December 2020;31(5):20932-20944
43 10.1016/j.solidstatesciences.2020.106449 Journal Article MnS2 /Carbon nanotube electrode for improved supercapacitor performance R. B. Pujari,           A. C. Lokhande,     A. R. Shelake,         S. B. Kale,              Dong-Weon Lee,   C. D. Lokhande Solid State Sciences January 2021;111:106449
44 10.1016/j.mtcomm.2021.102049 Journal Article Bone regeneration in critical-size calvarial defect using functional biocompatible osteoinductive herbal scaffolds and human umbilical cord Wharton's Jelly-derived mesenchymal stem cells S. Kashte,                      R. Dhumal, P.Chaudhary,              R.K Sharma,                V. Dighe,                S.Kadam Materials Today Communications January 2021;26:102049
45 10.1186/s12301-020-00113-x Journal Article Triorchidism: A rare case report A. R. Gune,                      R. P. Gune African Journal of Urology January 2021;27:1-3
46 33469194 Journal Article Non-antifungal drugs inhibit growth,morphogenesis and biofilm formation in Candida albicans G. H. Kathwate,         R. B. Shinde,                  S. M. Karuppayil The Journal of Antibiotics January 2021;
47 35424397 Journal Article Self-assembly of bovine serum albumin (BSA)-dextran bio-nanoconjugate: structural, antioxidant and in vitro wound healing studies S. S .Rohiwal,                  Z. Ellederova,               A. P. Tiwari,                  M. Alqarni,                      S. T. Elaab,                       S. H. Pawar,                  N. D. Thorat Royal Society of Chemistry January 2021;11(8):4308-4317
48 33469194 Journal Article Non-antifungal drugs inhibit growth, morphogenesis and biofilm formation in Candida albicans G. H. Kathwate,          R. B. Shinde,          S. M. Karuppayil The Journal of Antibiotics  January 2021;74: 346–353
49 10.21276/sjams.2016.4.9.9 Journal Article A cross sectional study on stress among medical students of Kolhapur city of Maharashtra study on stress among medical students J. U. Yadav,                    D. J. Yadav International Journal of Pharmaceutical Research January-March 2021;13(1):
50 33410357 Journal Article Lipo-PEG nano-ocular formulation successfully  encapsulates hydrophilic fuconazole and traverses corneal and non- corneal path to reach posterior eye segment S. Kakkar,                   M. Singh,                      S. M. Karuppayil,               J. S. Raut,                            F. Giansanti, Journal of Drug Targeting February 2021;29(6):
51 10.1016/j.surfin.2021.101018 Journal Article Dual-functional electrodeposited vertically grown Ag-La2O3 nanoflakes for non-enzymatic glucose sensing and energy storage application S. B. Jadhav,                   D. B.  Malavekar,
R. N. Bulakhe,                  U. M. Patil,                   C. D. Lokhande,          P. N. Pawaskar
Surfaces and Interfaces February 2021;23:101018
52 10.1016/j.jmrt.2021.01.108 Journal Article Synaptic learning functioalities of inverse biomemristive device based on trypsin for artificial intelligennce application T. R. Desai,                  T. D. Dongale,              S. R. Patil,                    A. P. Tiwari,                P. K. Pawar,                R. K. Kamat,                T. G. Kim Journal of Materials Research and Technology February 2021;11:1100-1110
53 10.1016/j.jallcom.2021.159198 Journal Article Synthesis of layered copper selenide on reduced graphene oxide sheets via SILAR method for flexible asymmetric solid-state supercapacitor D. B. Malvekar,         R. N. Bulakhe,            S. B. Kale,               U. M. Patil,         Insik In,                  C. D. Lokhande Journal of Alloys and Compounds February 2021;869:159198
54 10.1016/j.mtchem.2021.100427 Journal Article Low-cost Cu-based inorganic hole transporting materials in perovskite solar cells: Recent progress and state-of-art developments J. S. Shaikh,           N. S. Shaikh,           Y. K. Mishra,           P. Kanjanaboos,      P. M. Shewale,          S. Sabale,               S. Praserthdam,     C. D. Lokhande Materials Today Chemistry February 2021;20(80)
55 33677814 Journal Article COVID-19 vaccines:rapid development,implications, challenges and future prospects S. Kashte,                          A. Gulbake,                     S. F. El-Amin III, A.Gupta, Human Cell March 2021;
56 33929758 Journal Article Andrographis paniculata (Burm.F)wall ex nees:Antiviral properties A. K. Jadhav,          S. M. Karuppayil Phytotherapy Research March 2021;
57 33868894 Journal Article Topoisomerase II as a target for repurposed antibiotics in Candida albicans:An in silico study A. K. Jadhav,          S. M. Karuppayil In Silico Pharmacology March 2021;24
58 33656631 Journal Article Tissue engineered human ear pinna derived from decellularized goat ear cartilage:Clinically useful and biocompatible auricle construct N. C. Bhamare,        K. R. Tardalkar,           J. Kshersagar,            S. R. Desai,                T. B. Marsale,         M. S. Nimbalkar,     S. Sharma,                 M.G. Joshi Cell Tissue Bank March 2021;
59 33359624 Journal Article Nanomedicine-driven molecular targeting, drug delivery,and theraapeutic approaches to cancer chemoresistance V. M. Khot,            A. B. Salunkhe,       S. Pricl,                   J. Bauer,                   N. D. Thorat,          H .Townley Drug Discovery Today March 2021;26(3):724-739
60 10.1002/slct.202004139 Journal Article Anticancer, antibacterial and hyperthermia studies of a caffeine-based N-Heterocyclic carbine silver complex anchored on magnetic nanoparticles S. P. Gajare,          P. A. Bansode,           P. V. Patil,              A. D. Patil,              D. M. Pore,            K. D. Sonawane,    M. J. Dhanavade,   V. M. Khot,            G. S. ChemistrySelect March 2021;6(9):1958-1968
61 35423536 Journal Article A robust electrochemical immunosensor based on core-shell nanostructured silica-coated silver for cancer (carcinoembryonic-antigen-CEA) diagnosis P. Singh,                  P. K. Katkar,           U. M. Patil,            R. A. Bohara, RSC Advances March 2021;11(17):10130-10143
62 10.1007/s10008-021-04945-7 Journal Article Lanthanum sulfide-manganese sulfide/graphene oxide (La2S3-MnS/GO) composite thin film as an electrocatalyst for oxygen evolution reactions V. J. Mane,                    S. B. Kale,                 S. B. Ubale,                V. C. Lokhande,       U. M.Patil,             C. D. Lokhande Journal of Solid State Electrochemistry April 2021;25:1775-1788
63 33886316 Journal Article Fabrication of a high-performance hybrid supercapacitor based on hydrothermally synthesized highly stable cobalt manganese phosphate thin films P. K. Katkar,            S. J. Marje,             V. G. Parale,            C. D. Lokhande,      J. L. Gunjakar, Hyung-Ho-Park,            U. M. Patil American Chemical Society April 2021;37(17):5260-5274
64 10.1007/s00339-021-04544-3 Journal Article Reliable glucose sensing properties of electrodeposited vertically aligned manganese oxide thin film electrode S. B. Jadhav,            D. B. Malvekar,
S. B. Kale,
S. R. Sabal,                       U. M. Patil,              C. D. Lokhande,      P. N. Pawaskar
Applied Physics A April 2021;127:391
65 10.1007/s10008-021-04941-x Journal Article SILAR synthesized nanostructured ytterbium sulfide thin film electrodes for symmetric supercapacitors S. B. Ubale,  S. B. Kale,  V. J. Mane, P. P. Bagwade,  D. Lokhnade Journal of Solid State Electrochemistry April 2021;25:1753-1764
66 33886388 Journal Article Immunomodulatory extracellular vesicles: an alternative to cell therapy for COVID-19 A. Gupta,                 S. Kashte,               S. Kadam,                        M. Gupta,                  H. C. Rodriguez, A.G. Potty,                  S.F.El-Amin- III,           N. Maffulli Expert Opinion on Biological Therapy May 2021;
67 10.5812/compreped.109904 Journal Article Evaluation of microalbuminuria and glycosylated hemoglobin in the assessment of diabetic control in type 1 diabetes mellitus hospitalized children with diabetic ketoacidosis S. O. Kavthekar,      V. T. Mali,                   S. Verma,                 A. B. Kurane,          N. B. Patil,                   S. Patil Journal of Comprehensive Pediatrics May 2021;12(2): 1-4
68 10.1016/j.mtchem.2021.100473 Journal Article Enhanced specific energy of silver-doped MnO2/Graphene oxide elctrodes as facile fabrication symmetric supercapacitor device V. J. Mane,                    S. B. Kale,                 S. B. Ubale,                V. C. Lokhande,                   C. D. Lokhande Materials Today Chemistry June 2021;20(4):100473
69 10.1016/j.mtchem.2021.100480 Journal Article A phosphorus integrated strategy for supercapacitor: 2D black phosphorus-doped and phosphorus-doped materials J. S. Shaikh,           N. S. Shaikh,                S. Sabale,                       N. Parveen,                S. P. Patil,                      Y. K. Mishra,                   P. Kanjanaboos,         S. Praserthdam,     C. D. Lokhande Materials Today Chemistry June 2021;21:1-21
70 34125718 Journal Article The implementation of graphene-based aerogel in the field of supercapacitor J. S. Shaikh,           N. S. Shaikh,           Y. K. Mishra,              S. S. Pawar,                  N. Parveen,            P. M. Shewale,          S. Sabale,                P. Kanjanaboos,         S. Praserthdam,        C. D. Lokhande, Nanotechnology June 2021;32(36):1-4
71 IJRAR21B2218 Journal Article Differences between the lumbar intervertebral disc heights of men and women with low back pain from Western Maharashtra D. Wagh,                V. Nikam, International Journal of Research and Analytical Reviews June 2021;8(2):25-31
72 33402808 Journal Article Remarks on “Cross-disciplinary appraisal of knowledge and beliefs regarding the diagnosis of autism spectrum disorders in India: A cross-sectional survey D. Harshe,
B. Tekkalaki,
M. C. Bhise,
C. Andrade
Indian Journal of Psychological Medicine July 2020:42(2):404
73 33402807 Journal Article Processes for scientific and ethical approval of research proposals: Better oversight may be  necessary C. Andrade,
D. Harshe,
M. Bhise,
Indian Journal of Psychological Medicine July 2020;42(2):403
74 10.37506/ijphrd.v11i7.10186 Journal Article Sperm parameters and modifiable risk factors in infertile males: An interventional study S. Bhadoria,           R. K. Sharma,      M. A. Mane,       S. Sharma,               V. Sawant Indian Journal of Public Health Research and Development July 2020;11(7):806-811
75 10.4103/NJCA.NJCA_31_20 Journal Article The effectiveness of early clinical exposure in teaching anatomy :A study among 1st year medical students A. R. Gune,  V. R. Nikam, V. S. Gaikwad,
D. T. Wagh
National Journal of Clinical Anatomy October 2020;9(3):97-100
76 33678850 Journal Article Recurrent, progressive ventricular tachycardia after electroconvulsive therapy N. Avula, D. Harshe, G. Harshe, Indian Journal of Psychiatry October 2020;62(5):596-597
77 10.37506/ijphrd.v11i11.11372 Journal Article A study of platelet indices in patients with metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes mellitus  M. A. Mane,              E. P. Reddy,                T.  Mohanalakshmi Indian Journal of Public Health Research and Development November 2020;11(11):1-8
78 10.36106/ijar Journal Article Comparison of change in central corneal thickness after manual small incision cataract surgery in diabetic and non-diabetic patient S. A. Gowaikar,        H .Kalaria Indian Journal of Applied Research February 2021;11(2):23-24
79 10.37506/ijphrd.v12i2.14186 Journal Article The prevalence of yoga practice: A survey in the Kolhapur population S. Sase,                         A. Gore,                                D. Gajwani Indian Journal of Public Health Research & Development April- June 2021;12(2):500-504
80 10.36106/ijsr/7124446 Journal Article Knowledge regarding risk factors and prevention of Coronary Artery disease (CAD) among bank workers : A preexperimental study S Rathod,             S Redddi International Journal of Scientific Research April 2021, 10 (2);39-40
81 10.36106/ijsr Journal Article evaluation of efectiveness of informational booklet on knowledge regarding peri menopausal syndrome and its management in kolhapur S Parab,                   M A Bijapurkar International Journal of Scientific Research April 2021, 10(4);70-71
82 10.36106/ijsr Journal Article Knowledge regarding Alzheimers disease among old age people residing in selected old age home at Kolhapur, with a view to develop information booklet S K Awate International Journal of Scientific Research February 2021, 10(2);59-60
83 10.37506/ijphrd.v12i2.14160 Journal Article Knowledge and attitude of sex education among adolescents J Shinde, S Alatekar, M Sanade, S Gavandi Indian Journal of Public health research and development April-June 201, 12(2);368-372
84 10.47211/idcij.2020.v07iws02.007 Journal Article A study to assess the self-esteem and attitude towards nursing profession among final year nursing students studying In D. Y. Patil College Of Nursing, Kolhapur P L Subravgoudar IDC International Journal Publication August 2020, 7(2);12-14
85 10.5958/2454-2660.2021.00029.6 Journal Article Nomophobia : A Review P L Subravgoudar International Journal of Nursing Education and Research  January – March 2021, 9(1);115-119
86 10.21275/SR20708121949 Journal Article A descriptive study to assess the knowledge of women regarding Cervical cancer in selected area of kadamwadi, Kolhapur A Talsandekar International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR) July 2020, 9 (7);721-723
87 10.37506/ijphrd.v11i8.10900 Journal Article Effectiveness of Informational Booklet on Knowledge of Osteoporosis among Working Women of, Kolhapur N Ranbhise, A Talsandekar Indian Journal of Public Health Research & Development August 2020,11(8);78-83
88 10.36106/ijsr/2533924 Journal Article KNOWLEDGE AND ATTITUDE REGARDING SPACING METHODS OF CONTRACEPTION AMONG PRIMIPARA MOTHERS OF KOLHAPUR J D Aurwade, M A Bijapurlkar intenational journal of scientific research April 2021, 10(4);70-71
S Chopade International Journal of Scientific Research February 2021, 10(2);77-79
90 10.36106/ijsr/2900463 Journal Article A descriptive study to assess the knowledge  regarding household waste management among women residing  in Urbam slums, Kolhapur with a view to develop an informational boooklet L Lokhande, S M Kamble International Journal of Scientific Research January 2021, 10(9);8-9
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