D Y Patil Education Society [Deemed University] Kasaba Bawada, Kolhapur


This year, our students and lady faculty have surpassed themselves in their active and enthusiastic participation in the Women's Day celebrations on the 8th of March.
They participated in the Women's Day Rally organised in Kolhapur carrying boards with slogans and messages, walking with hundreds of other ladies from different organisations, institutions across the district. Students also also conducted a skit within the University campus on the 'Role of Women in Indian History' which was very appreciated by all.

In honor of the International Women's Day, the college organised a Poster competition on the theme "Be Bold for Change". The posters were judged by a team of 3 faculty who were pleasantly surprised at the maturity and thoughts expressed by the students. Prizes were given to the best posters. Over a hundred students and faculty visited the poster display.


On the occasion of World Health day , the Department of Community Medicine organised a poster competition for the students on the theme for this year i.e."Depression - let's talk". The ideas and opinions of our students on this topic were displayed in the college on the 2nd floor in the department. The posters were judged by Dr V Wagh and Dr A S Jog and deserving students were given awards. Department of Psychiatry organised a Psychiatry Short Film Festival , "Mind Matters" on this occasion for the benefit of all students and staff. The response to these films was commendable in terms of viewers as well as participants in the ensuing discussions. Dr Devarat Harshe, Lecturer in Department of Psychiatry also addressed the students on this topic and added to the students' efforts to understand the subject and create awareness. As explained by Dr Harshe, the disease is often not diagnosed and even when recognised it is inadequately treated. The stigma attached to mental health disorders must be reduced was his call.


In today's fast-paced world with limited time to build relationships, the secret of good doctor-patient interaction lies in the training and skills acquired in communication. The vulnerable position of patients and the personal nature of this professional interaction makes it vital that the doctor makes the patient comfortable and is sensitive to his circumstances. Medical students, and indeed all students, would benefit immensely with early introduction of this learning.
Department of Anatomy invited Dr. Mrs. Sujata Jagtap , a soft skills expert on the 6th February 2017 for a guest lecture on Methods of Communication Skills'. The lecture was well attended by both faculty and undergraduate students of the Medical College. This lecture has succeeded in supplementing the routine training.

Mrs Jagtap addressed the over 140 students and numerous faculty on the importance of listening and the significance of body language. She also emphasised the importance of observation and asking questions in communication.


  • Dr Shimpa Sharma presented a paper at the 12th World Conference on Medical Humanities, Bioethics and Medical Law by UNESCO at Cyprus from 21-24 March'17 on ‘Translation of Ethics Education in Interns and Residents – a questionnaire based study’. She also chaired the scientific session on Ethics in Education on 22nd March 2017.
  • Dr. Mrs. Rajshree Mane, gave an invited talk on “Rhino Cerebral Mucormycosis” at National conference AOICON 2017 held on 2-5 February 2017 at Kolkata.
  • Internal Complaints Committee with NSS jointly organized Judo-Karate and self defense Training for Women from 23rd to 24th March 2017,at the Kadamwadi Hospital . Fifty girls and ladies received basic Judo & Karate training for self-defense.
  • National Conference on Hematology & Blood Transfusion was organised by Dept of IHBT & Pathology on 18th & 19th March. Over 200 delegates attended the conference and our institution was fortunate to host speakers of National and International Eminence.
  • Efforts of the Women Development Cell results in installation of the Sanitary Napkin dispenser and destroyer for students in college and hostel.


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